Cueto Communication

  • Today nobody doubts that internationalization is the solution to our current economic situation.

    Who are we?

    A dynamic and creative team at your disposal

    The human capital of our platform is formed by a team of dedicated professionals, experts in commercial strategy and communication. We accompany you through the development of your projects, to achieve success in your challenges. We put efficient tools at your disposal and supply integral services, from consulting to new market research, from strategic planning to the operational setting-up of your projects

    Cueto Comunicación’s assets: Our Team

Our values

Assurance of our commitment to make a difference.

  • A view on work that is based on fundamental values such as respect, observation, listening, analysis, openness to dialogue…
  • Team spirit, cohesion, the willingness to constantly improve our knowledge and our expertise, in a professional and objective way

Our approach

A panoramic vision and business solutions

Thanks to our knowledge, associated to a network of experts and collaborators, we can offer you solutions clearly business oriented

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Organisation
  • Communication

  • Individualised and creative services
    For each client, we create a personalised programme according to their specific issues:
  • Individualised care
  • Quality commitment
  • Integrated service
  • Long Term View

Communication, Full Service

Goal: to create

The client decides if we communicate under the company’s umbrella or as a Communication Agency

    Communication External/Internal
  • Press Office
  • Media Planning
  • Advertising Negotiations
  • Press Releases
  • Notices
  • Dossiers
  • Newsletters
  • Relations with Media
  • Press Clipping
  • Web Contents
  • Internal and External Events
  • Press Conference
  • Congresses and Conventions
  • Merchandising
  • Visual Identity
  • Corporate Identity
  • Stands
  • Ephemeral Spaces
  • Websites
  • Editorial Design
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Graphical Image for events
  • Graphic Production

Our web of contacts gives us the possibility to rely on professionals from each sector, in order to obtain an optimal result joining the communication to the reference sector

  • Alimentation
  • Automobile
  • Construction
  • Public works
  • Furniture and decoration
  • Industry
  • Packaging
  • Wine and viticulture industry

Our services

An efficient and responsive service to your team

We put at your disposal a commercial and marketing platform in order to promote your fairs, and also organise conferences and seminars

  • Exhibitors’ canvassing
  • Marketing
  • Identification of your message and targets
  • Database creation and updating
  • Direct marketing operations on and off line
  • Client follow up
  • Lobbying
  • Creation of network with professionals associations and institutions
  • Organisation of official pavilions and representation
  • Organisation of appointments and information meetings

A deep knowledge of the Spanish industrial network as well as the support and subventions export’s organisms

Our strength

The closeness and trust of our partners

Thanks to our establishment in Spain and thanks to our experience, we can share with you the trust of our partners and of our network

  • Collaboration and excellent connections with trade unions and professional Spanish organizations
    Agragex, Amec, Anaip, Adese, AFM, AMT, FEMAC, Anmopyc, FIAB, Aspack, Ansemat, Sernauto…
  • Detailed knowledge of the Spanish industry network as well as the aid agencies and export subsidy organs
  • Knowledge of the places and local partners of all sectors merged
    Address book and contacts of professionals from the hotel business, travel, catering, edition…